My Goals for 2017

Since Christmas I have been trying to think of a New Year Resolution for 2017 but I ended up welcoming in the new year with no resolution and no idea of what I wanted to achieve in 2017.

I wasted countless hours on Pinterest trying to find the perfect resolution. I considered choosing a word for 2017 but then couldn’t settle on anything I liked. In frustration I decided to forget about setting any resolutions this year and possibly ever again.

Then on the 4th January whilst digging around in my collection of self help books in the shed I realised that I had borrowed two books from the local library that I already owned. Feeling a little defeated I started sorting through the other boxes of books in case there were anymore books that I had put on hold but already owned. As I went through the boxes an idea started to form. I would set myself a challenge. A challenge to read my entire collection of self help books this year and blog the process.  I started to count the books I had already unpacked but when I got to 100 books and had only gone through a third of the moving boxes I knew that particular challenge just wasn’t doable. Thinking through the options I realised that I could comfortably read one book a week but two, well that would be a challenge and because I already had 100 books unpacked and had just finished reading an e-book I decided that I would challenge myself to read 101 books in 2017.

The e-book I had already read was 59 seconds by Richard Wiseman and in it had great advice (all backed by science) on how to achieve your goals. With that percolating through my mind as I formulated the challenge I decided that I would also set myself an additional task of trying to implement at least one new bit of learned knowledge every week as well. As Tony Robbins says “Knowledge is only potential power”.

Although a few days late, I am excited to announce that my goal for 2017 is to read 101 self help books from my personal collection of books and to implement at least one new bit of learned knowledge into my life every week.

Happy Reading










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